As a human resources major my goals are to get involved into a local start-up company where I can use my education to really solidify the company from the ground up. I believe that the human resources side of a company is key to the success of that company because unless there is a system in place that constantly checks in with their employees or staff members, the company can fail regardless of how great the product may be. Educating staff anywhere from how to properly interact with other employees to team building activities outside of the work place to bring employees together and create a sense of belonging and pride. If there is good energy within the company and employees are happy and feel like their employers are meeting their needs, they will perform better in the long run and make whatever product you may be selling that much better.
This class will be very beneficial for me because it will allow me to work in a group setting and really get an idea of how to be successful working along my group members. I am already finding ways how I may implement human resources into the group process by upholding our group norms and continuously fact checking those by using our group approved metrics. Accountability is key for success this semester and I plan to continue to measure that throughout the semester.

Feel more confident presenting in front of large groups and panels.
Get a better understanding of how human resources is implemented and facilitated in a business environment.
Work successfully and efficiently in my small business group and by the end of the semester feeling accomplished and proud of the work we have done.


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