Within the years I am attending Chico State, I hope to achieve personal, educational, and career goals before graduation. Personally, I am planning to start a club based on beauty and fashion. I am not going to give the "spoiler alerts" ,but I am ready to make this happen with two of my Study Jam partners. Another personal goal of mines is to be able to join the Chico State's Women Basketball Team. This will also allow me to try and get an athletic scholarship. My career goal is to actually get a job and build up my resume. I hope to do some internships and plenty of community service. I never been through an interview or went out to find a job because throughout my high school years I was on the varsity basketball and an elite travel ball team. I only focused on sports and school. My main goal is to maintain a 3.0 and above GPA. Another goal is to better my reading and writing skills. The main educational goal is to pass the accounting classes. I will use this course as a tool to help me better my Excel skills, knowing if his major is the right career path I want to continue moving forward, and hope it will help me learn business techniques, how to handle interviews, and to build my club that I want to run on campus.

My first goal is to enhance my Excel Skills
The second goal for this course is to learn and know which business pathway and options will benefit me and I will be interested in.
Lastly, my third goal is to work hard on getting investors to invest in my group's business.


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